Some Cool Projects I've Worked On Recently

Being in Music City, I have many singer-songwriter friends who have recorded their own CDs. Here's "My New CD", a parody song about the plight of all the indie artists (including me!) trying to get noticed, sung to the tune of the 60's pop hit "This Diamond Ring".

  Colorado-based singer/songwriter Eric Elison's voice bears an uncanny resemblance to Gordon Lightfoot. I produced a five song collection of GL's biggest songs for Eric to use as an entree into the tribute artist arena. Here's a montage of the results.

It's quirky, it's peppy, it's poppy.  Check out  the "Haughty Auteur"   "...he sports a fez and a monocle, he's impervious to ridicule."

   I guess these things come in waves. I've had occasion of late to produce a number of 60's covers for different clients. Pete McIlroy, a longtime fan of folk duo Ian & Silvia, commissioned sweet new versions of four of their biggest songs. The very next week, JD Buhl flew in from Oakland to sing a medley of "Everybody's Talkin'" and "Everybody Loves a Clown". (Gary Lewis & the Playboys, don'tcha know!) And I'm staying in the 60's groove for the rest of the month recording a new batch of ten songs for our app, "Sing Harmonies", including more retro stuff: Beatles, Paul Simon, CSNY, and others. Mighty fun to revisit songs from my salad days!
   Here's a taste of a 2017 instrumental of mine that turned out quite well. It's not a 60's cover, of course, but to me it does sound reminiscent of a 60's movie theme. It's called "Dance of the Catalan Gypsies".