Music City Custom Intensives

    This is the experience you’ve been waiting for: a dream getaway to Music City, Nashville,Tennessee, where you’ll work one-on-one with music professionals on your music. No group classes or pre-set schedules---custom design your visit to fit your specific needs and interests. 

• Can’t wait to get in front of a great microphone and make a professional recording?
     Block out time in the on-premises studio with award-winning producer/engineer Tom Manche.

• Want to pick up a few guitar tricks? 
     A lesson or two with Tom Manche is what you’re looking for. 

• Like to take your songwriting to the next level? 
     Tom has over thirty years of songwriting experience. 

• Need guidance with your singing? 
     Schedule time with veteran vocal coach Susan Anders. Please note that there may be an additional charge (at a reduced rate) for vocal coaching sessions.

• Want to surround yourself with world-class musicians? 
     Just say the word--they’re here. 

     And by all means, build time into your schedule to check out the fabulous music scene and all that Nashville has to offer.      

      Choose 1, 4, or 7 days of personalized one-on-one attention to you and your music. Contact Tom regarding availability and to discuss how to maximize your Music City Intensive. 

  1-day Intensive: $350

  4-day Intensive: $1200

  7-day Intensive: $2000

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long are the workdays? 
Typically, we’ll start around 9am—10 if you’re a night owl—and go until 6 or so, with a break for lunch. But that can easily be switched to an evening work schedule to accommodate daytime commitments. 

What about lodging?

Several of our friends have AirBNB rooms and homes available nearby, we can send you links to their pages, just let us know. Opryland Hotel and many adjacent motels are minutes away. The Big Bungalow B&B is also minutes away, and there are many other B&Bs in Nashville.

If Tom or Susan suggest changes in my songs, does it mean that they are then co-writers? 
No, you retain 100% ownership of any song that we work on. 

Who owns any master recordings we do during the Intensive? 
You do. Anything we create in the course of an Intensive belongs to you. 

Do I need a car? 
Maybe. If your idea of a perfect schedule includes a trip downtown to Tootsie’s, a meeting on Music Row with a publisher, a visit to a friend in Franklin, etc…then yes, a car is a good idea. 

How much do musicians cost? 
The figure can be higher or lower depending on the particular player and number of songs involved, but $50 per song is a pretty good rule of thumb. Anything Tom or Susan play or sing is gratis. 

What about meals? 
We’ll provide a meal in the middle of the workday. Dinners are open to discussion. 

Are pets allowed? 
We have two dogs, Ruby & Artie, and that’s probably our limit as far as the animal kingdom goes.