Personalized Guitar Lessons

Learn Pop, Folk, Country, Blues, Rock, Americana, and/or Funk Guitar

      I've been teaching guitar for a long time: I started teaching guitar when I was 13, and have continued to teach over the years in-between gigs and studio sessions. These days I teach out of my home studio in the Inglewood neighborhood of Nashville. No cookie-cutter method here--I create a personalized study plan for each student to make sure they are learning what really interests them. Want to play in a band? Want to enhance your songwriting skills? Want to expand your chord vocabulary? Want to be that person at the jam session who can play practically anything without a chart?

Beginning Guitar: basic chords, fingering, and strumming.
Intermediate to Advanced Guitar: get to your next level of playing.
Music Theory: just a little so you know the language, or a lot.
Soloing: all styles.
Guitar for Songwriters: a little theory and technique can take your writing up several notches.
Playing while Singing: improve your accompaniment skills and your performances will shine.
Technique: build pick finesse, fingering dexterity, and learn a bunch of different strums.

     We can work on electric or acoustic guitar. Adults and kids are welcome. Please write me if you have any questions. I Skype lessons, too.

 The cost is $40 per one hour lesson. Some of my students come in weekly, some come bi-weekly, and others come in whenever they are ready for their next class. You can pay for your lesson with cash or check when we meet, or pay online below.

Four Guitar Lessons
  • Four Guitar Lessons

Four Guitar Lessons

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This includes a bulk discount. All lessons must be taken within a three month period.

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